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Eye Myths
By Richard S. Hoffman, MD

Richard S. Hoffman, M.D.
Throughout our work day we are reminded by some of our patients' inquiries of various myths and inaccuracies that persist in the general public regarding eye care. The two most common myths we encounter regard the possibility that sitting too close to the television and reading for prolonged periods in dim light can be harmful to the eyes. The eye functions much like a camera in focusing light and, because of this, the dimness of the light or closeness of the object will not harm it any more than taking a photograph in dim light will harm a camera. Adequate illumination, however, can make reading easier especially when patients are approaching the age when bifocals are needed. Holding books close to the face to read and sitting close to the television are common in normal children and are not harmful to the eyes although occasionally these can be signs of nearsightedness requiring glasses.

There is also a misconception that children who have learning problems are likely to have an eye coordination problem and can be helped with special exercises. This myth has never been supported by any accepted scientific evidence and, unfortunately, concerned parents with good intentions may waste their time and money on such exercises. Eye exercises have been found to be useful in individuals who have a convergence insufficiency that creates eye fatigue after even short periods of reading. When indicated, these exercises can be prescribed and performed easily and inexpensively at home or work.

We are frequently asked whether looking through the wrong eyeglass prescription (especially immediately after cataract surgery, before the correct postoperative spectacles have been prescribed) is harmful to the eyes. Although the image that is perceived by looking through the old glasses may not be sharp, no damage occurs to the eyes. This question is also frequently asked with regard to over-the-counter reading glasses. These "dime-store" glasses cause no damage to the eyes even when the power chosen by the patient may be inadequate or too strong.

These myths are just a few of the many misconceptions we encounter on a daily basis. We are hopeful that through continued education, we can avoid unnecessary stress and expense to our patients. [ top ]

Virtual Spectacle Freedom
By Mark Packer, M.D.

Mark Packer, M.D
Clear lens replacement is gaining popularity as a refractive surgery option for people over forty who want to decrease or eliminate their dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Based on technological advances that have fostered the tremendous success of cataract surgery, clear lens replacement involves the exchange of the crystalline lens of the eye for a multifocal intraocular lens. Clear lens replacement holds the promise of excellent visual acuity at both distance and near without glasses.

After the age of forty all of us begin to lose our ability to focus on (or accommodate) objects at near range. The loss of accommodation is due to aging changes in the lens of the eye that make it impossible for the eye to bring near objects into focus.

The multifocal intraocular lens, or Array, has been widely used in cataract surgery since 1998. Early studies of the Array demonstrated that about half of cataract patients receiving the Array in both eyes never needed to wear glasses at all. Most of the remaining patients wore glasses occasionally for certain activities.

A small number of patients continued to wear glasses as they did prior to surgery. The results of clear lens replacement have been extremely gratifying. Almost all of our patients have been able to drive and read the newspaper without glasses.

Clear lens replacement is not for everyone, but it may be right for you. Drs. Fine, Hoffman and I all perform this surgery and offer a free initial consultation to those considering surgery. Tell us about your visual goals, and we can provide the information you need to make an educated decision. [ top ]

It is Truly Amazing!
By David Low

Satisfied "customers" David and Linda with Dr. Hoffman and Tony.

Before my LASIK procedure I read through some of the testimonials in your office. Although I was impressed, many of them sounded too good to be true. After my surgery, I must say no words can describe the wonderful difference in my vision. It truly is amazing!

In less than a half-hour I gained a whole new way of viewing my world. When I lay down for the procedure, I saw a blurry scene before me and couldn't read the clock on the wall. Immediately after the procedure, images were very clear and I could easily see the time. The results are better than I expected. I can even read at a normal distance without glasses.

I credit the success of my results to the careful screening and thorough examination process prior to surgery. Your team took the time to explain the surgery and what to expect. Your caring manner and professionalism made the procedure much less fearful than I imagined before I visited your office. Thank you for a job very well done! [ top ]

A Man With New Eyes!
By Pastor Aaron Taylor

Aaron Taylor of Crossfire
World Outreach Ministries.
For many years I had suffered from dry eyes and the inability to wear contact lenses longer than just a few hours to minister on television. I had heard about the different kinds of eye surgeries that were available, did some research and my interest began to swell. Finances were holding me back and I wish now that years earlier I would have taken advantage of the financing options that are available through Dr. Fine's office.

Like many, I had the normal trepidation before surgery but the outcome was nothing short of a miracle, a miracle of modern technology and a very skilled surgeon. I wore glasses into the operating room and, within minutes, walked out without glasses and with significantly improved vision. After the prescribed four-hour nap, I woke up a new man (at least a man with new eyes). Within 24 hours, I was seeing perfectly.

Now it has been a few months and to say that I would do it over again is an understatement. After seeing the dramatic results, many of my friends and family have chosen to have the LASIK surgery for themselves to improve the quality of their lives, as it has mine. [ top ]

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