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NEWSLETTER  - Spring 2016


We Now Offer Laser Assisted Cataract Surgery
by Annette Chang Sims, M.D.

Annette Chang Sims, MD
Annette Chang
Sims, MD

A common question I get from patients when discussing cataract surgery is, “Do you do it with laser?” Cataract surgery is traditionally performed using ultrasound, or sound waves, to break up the hardened lens material. It is then extracted from the eye using instruments placed through microincisions. While the incisions and various surgical steps can be made in the eye manually with surgical instruments, there are now femtosecond lasers that are approved to perform these various steps. Ultrasound is still used to soften the lens material, but the laser can make corneal incisions, capsulotomies, astigmatism correction and initiate some cataract softening.

Femtosecond Laser Machine
Femtosecond laser machine we use in our OR

The move towards the sophistication of laser technology to assist in cataract surgery is both exciting and costly. Its development came about to provide ophthalmologists a tool to improve patient outcomes and safety in cataract surgery. Studies have shown the visual outcomes using laser are just as good as traditional cataract surgery. Complication rates from cataract surgery using both the traditional method and laser assistance appear the same thus far. Studies have also suggested the greater precision provided by laser may benefit patients in more precise intraocular lens positioning, and a decrease in effective ultrasound time may shorten healing time.

You now have the option to choose a laser platform for your LASIK or cataract surgery with us. We look forward to great surgical results from this new technology. [ top ]

Introducing Dr. Sabah!
Judith $. Sabah, MD, PhD, MBA
Judith R. Sabah,

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Judith R. Sabah. She has joined our practice as Lane County’s only specialist in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus for children and adults.

Dr. Sabah is originally from France, and started her education in Engineering Agronomy, which is the science and technology of producing and using plants for food, fuel, fiber and land reclamation. While studying for her PhD in food microbiology, she discovered ophthalmology and decided to pursue a medical career, as she enjoys combining research with direct patient care.

Dr. Sabah, her husband Amir, and their daughter Sareh have chosen Eugene, Oregon, as their home. Together in their spare time they enjoy making handicrafts, swimming, reading, cooking and baking.

Dr. Sabah provides eye care for children with a focus on pediatric cataracts, glaucoma, congenital ptosis, nasolacrimal duct obstruction and strabismus. For kids and adults alike, she is a delightful person to see. [ top ]

Options Now Available in Multifocal IOLs
By Richard S. Hoffman, MD

Richard S. Hoffman, MD
Richard S.
Hoffman, MD

At the time of cataract surgery, the cloudy crystalline lens is removed and replaced with a clear, man-made intraocular lens (IOL). Measurements taken before surgery allow us to calculate an IOL power that will yield good distance vision without glasses. Unfortunately, near vision will still be blurry when a standard monofocal IOL is implanted. This will require the use of reading glasses or bifocals in order to see computer or reading distance.

Patients do have an option of having a premium multifocal IOL implanted at the time of cataract surgery that may yield good distance, intermediate, and near vision without the need for glasses. These multifocal IOLs have usually had only one near power that allowed patients to see well up close but not necessarily as well at intermediate distances. A recent innovation in IOL technology now allows surgeons to customize the near power of the multifocal IOL based on a patient’s near needs.

A Multifocal IOL
Multifocal IOL

For patients who require good near vision at very close distances, such as for knitting or other very close needs, a multifocal IOL with a very high “add power” can be selected. For patients with routine near requirements, a less powerful add power can be selected. And for patients whose near requirements are further away, such as for computer use or for reading shopping items on a shelf, an intermediate distance multifocal add power can be selected. The Tecnis ® multifocal IOL has been used routinely in our practice for patients who desire a multifocal IOL. Until recently, it only came in one bifocal power which was on the more powerful spectrum for near. Last year, the Tecnis® lens was released in three different powers to allow customization of the near add power for a patient’s individual needs. In addition, lenses of different near powers can be implanted in each eye in order to blend the near vision between up close and intermediate distances.

Multifocal IOLs have allowed surgeons to offer technology to our patients that can make them more glasses independent following cataract surgery. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about these options at the time of scheduling surgery. [ top ]

Third Time Lucky!

Thank you for voting Dr. Hoffman top eye surgeon for the third straight year! We are thrilled our doctor has yet again placed first in The Register Guard’s Readers’ Choice Awards.

Register Guard - Third Time Lucky!

We appreciate the honor and send a big heart-felt thank you to all of our patients and everyone who voted! [ top ]

Welcome Megan & Yvette

Megan (left) and Yvette (right)

Megan (left) and Yvette (right)

Yvette joined us in March as our phone receptionist and is already a strong part of the team. She was born in San Jose but carries a heart full of Aloha from living sixteen years in Hawaii.

Megan is our new check-out receptionist. She comes to us with several years of medical office experience. Be sure to say hello to her during your next visit! [ top ]


Elizabethe Bocking
Elizabeth Bocking, Patient

Dr. Sims performed my LASIK surgery. I was confident at first, but I became apprehensive as the date moved closer. Unfortunately, my original surgery date did not go as planned, and my surgery had to be delayed. When something unexpected happens, Dr. Sims and her staff handle the situation with great poise and professionalism. They were very caring throughout the entire process. They gave me a warm blanket and told me jokes, bringing levity to the experience, making me feel relaxed and comfortable. The surgery was very quick and I had an excellent recovery. I have worn glasses and contact lenses for 30 years. Now I can go camping without packing the necessary glasses, contact lenses and bottles of solution. Recently, I floated down the Umpqua River and it was amazing to see the fish in the water and the birds in the trees. I was never able to see that detail without glasses and contacts. It is so nice to live without the hassle. — Elizabeth Bocking [ top ]

Jodie Muller
Michael Brotherton, Patient

I was very surprised at how easy the cataract surgery process was from beginning to end. I just had to show up! It is the best money I have ever spent. I am extremely happy with my vision and do not need glasses to see.

Before my surgery, I was a long-time glasses-wearer, and my cataracts were bad enough that I could not see anything close up with or without my glasses.

Dr. Sims explained the entire process to me. The staff smiles a lot and is very nice. It is wonderful, like a boutique. And the nurses in the surgery center are exceptional; they are on top of everything!

I fly model airplanes and I can see so much better! My results far exceeded my expectations. —Michael Brotherton [ top ]

Lisa Darby
Lisa Darby, Patient

Dr. Hoffman took out my cataracts several years ago, and I am still so pleased with my vison. Most people I know still need glasses after cataract surgery because they chose the mono vision lenses. I am very happy I chose a multifocal lens. I see 20/20 near-vision, and 20/20 distance-vision without glasses.

I remember years ago when I talked to my eye doctor about cataract surgery. He said he did not perform the surgery for multifocal lenses, and he told me that if he were looking for a multifocal lens surgeon, he would choose Dr. Hoffman.

I remember after Dr. Hoffman performed my first eye surgery, about 10 years ago, the next day, I drove to the airport to pick up family members. There was no down time, no adjustment period and I could see very clearly almost immediately. Nothing is grey anymore; everything is colorful!

I don’t even think about my vision now and I am so happy I don’t have to wear glasses! — Lisa Darby [ top ]

Honors, Awards, & Activities

October 2015
Our team Seeing Pink! participated in Race for the Cure for cancer research fundraising. We had a great time for a wonderful cause! [ top ]

Seeing Pink!

November 2015
Drs. Hoffman and Sims, and our administrator, Laurie, gave lectures and courses at the Annual Academy of Ophthalmology meeting in Las Vegas, NV.

AAo meeting in Las Vegas

The doctors taught multiple courses, including “Cataract Surgery: Advanced Techniques,” and “Unhappy Patients Following Successful Surgery.” Several of our technicians also attended to learn and advance their skills. [ top ]

December 2015
Our Holiday Hoedown was mighty fine!

Christmas Party

[ top ]

January 2016
Dr. Hoffman spent a weekend in Washington, D.C., for a Board meeting as a member of the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery’s Governing Board. Our administrator, Laurie, attended the Hawaiian Eye 2016 meeting as was “Day Chief” for the administrators’ New Technology Day session. [ top ]

March 2016
Dr. Sims was pleased to address the U of O’s Anatomy and Physiology class for premed students again this year. We have already had several student observership requests from attendees which is great news for ophthalmology of the future.. [ top ]

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