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By Annette Chang Sims, M.D.

We see a tremendous value in
clinical research. These studies give our
patients a chance to “try out” new
trends in eye care and give them access
to the latest advances in ophthalmic
technology and technique.

In the next month we are initiating
a study determining the efficacy of
sustained release glaucoma medication
that is implanted into the eye. Some
patients may already be aware we participated
in a phase 3 study of the same
medication a few years ago. The results
were promising and the study continues
to now look at optimal dosing. The
implant is a novel way to medicate the
eye without the use of eye drops. This
will be particularly beneficial for patients
who have trouble instilling drops
into their eyes. For example, patients
with a tremor or Parkinson’s disease
can benefit from this mode of medication
delivery. Some patients may have
trouble remembering to use their glaucoma
drops every day. This treatment
method can improve compliance, thus
improving their prognosis.
Another study in which we are
currently enrolling patients is the investigation
of an intraocular lens implant
that improves depth of focus. This will
lessen a person’s dependence on
glasses. There are already premium intraocular
lens implants on the market
in the US. However we continue to
seek improved quality of vision with
these newer intraocular lenses. In this
study the patient has a 50% chance of
receiving the study lens. There is no
additional charge to the patient. The
study also provides postoperative medications.
To qualify, patients must not
have concurrent medical eye conditions
such as glaucoma or retinal detachment
diabetic retinopathy or macular degeneration.

Interested in our studies?
Please call us at 541-687-2110, and
speak with our study coordinator,
Stephanie Neubert.

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