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Julie Agee
Julie Agee, Patient

Glasses Tolerated for 50 Years; not anymore!
I have never liked to wear glasses, but I have worn them for 50 years. When my eye doctors told me about Dr. Hoffman and his exceptional surgical skills, I scheduled an appointment and travelled from Bandon to Eugene for an eye exam. Dr. Hoffman explained to me the different surgical options, and I decided to have a refractive lens exchange in both my eyes. The surgery is the same one he performs for the removal of cataracts. Dr. Hoffman removed my natural lenses and replaced them. It was a quick surgery and I experienced no pain. I drove to Eugene, had the surgery, stayed overnight and saw Dr. Hoffman the next day. Then I could see very well to drive back home to Bandon. While I was in Eugene, I was treated well by everyone at Dr. Hoffman’s clinic and surgery center. The people there, care. I would do it again in a minute. My vision without glasses is wonderful!
Julie Agee, patient [ top ]


Re: Tecnis Multifocal Lens for Cataract and Refractive Lens Exchange

Are you kidding me!!!!! I have to admit, on Thursday afternoon I was scared. But by the time I walked out at noon Friday, whew! You were all incredibly tolerant and welcoming to Karen and me. OK tolerant of me and welcoming of Karen, but anyway.

I often joke “I thank God everyday that I am alive in an age of technology and personal hygiene.” Doc, you affirmed the technology side of that equation for me this week. Just the idea that I can go from, 1950’s TV vision to 2009 Hi Def in two days is incredible.

I want to thank you and your “INCREDIBLE” staff for your warm treatment, your professionalism and your just plain friendliness. You all made the somewhat scary experience seem like “no big deal” but I want you all to know, what you do is a “BIG DEAL” and you are all amazing folks.

I will be seeing you all soon, so have your earplugs and some sedative handy.
Thank you so much again. Dale Munson [ top ]

Best things…

Having Refractive Lens Exchange was one of the best things I could have ever done in my life. I’m so pleased with the results of surgery and the care given by Dr. Packer and his staff.

In the past I was dependent on glasses and contacts in order to see to do everyday things. I had my contacts designed to correct distance vision in one eye and near vision in the other. They worked OK but I found many instances where it was a hassle seeing this way. When I would go to sporting events and couldn’t see what was happening on the field I would reach for my binoculars but then I had to close one eye in order to use them. I ended up having to wear my glasses to the football and basketball games to avoid this situation. Now, I can go to the games and if I need to use binoculars I can see with no problems. I’m able to drive and read most small print without the aid of glasses. In fact the only time I need a pair of reading glasses is when I’m in dim light and need to read small print.

I still participate in track and field events and not having to deal with glasses is certainly a benefit when I pole vault, high jump or run the hurdles.

I’m so very pleased with the results of Refractive Lens Exchange and the ReZOOM lens that I would recommend this procedure to others. Becky L. Sisle [ top ]

“I can see clearly now, my glasses are gone . . I can see all obstacles in my way . . .”

Tina CallinaIt’s been several months since Dr. Packer performed my Refractive Lens Exchange (RLE) with the Tecnis Multifocal and a day doesn’t go by that I am not in wonder at my ability to see clearly at both distance and near without glasses or contact lenses. I have witnessed firsthand the satisfaction of our patients following cataract surgery with multifocal lenses. After approval of the Tecnis Multifocal lens in January of this year, I asked myself “Why spend the next one third (or so) of my lifetime dependent on glasses while waiting for something better to become available when I could experience the freedom of life without glasses beginning right now?” So, in April I took the great leap and my life has not been the same! It is FANTASTIC! Even now I am continually amazed at how natural my vision is and how the surgery has affected my daily life in so many ways. I’ll be reading in bed or just doing things around the house and all of a sudden I realize that I don’t have my glasses on! Sometimes I find myself reaching to remove my glasses when pulling a shirt on over my head. Once again I’m able to wear eye makeup because my eyelashes no longer rub against the back side of my eyeglasses. And it’s wonderful to no longer need to remove my glasses or wipe them dry when out in the rain (which never happens in Oregon – ha! ha!) This is truly the greatest gift I could ever have given myself and I am thankful every day that I made the decision to do it. Tina Callina
[ top ]

The Best Part

Karen Morrow

It has been less than one month since my multifocal lens implant surgery. I had heard about this procedure so I set out and did my research.

Without a doubt I know I received the best treatment from Dr. Hoffman and his staff. When I entered his office I knew I was in the right place. From the receptionist to the technicians and after visiting with Dr. Hoffman I knew I was a good candidate for eye surgery. Dr. Hoffman talked about my options and I went with his recommendations. Every question was answered up to and after the surgery. The procedure was so quick! I was home in less than three hours. After resting for the rest of the day I felt fine. I could not be more pleased with the results. The following day I was able to read and use the computer with no difficulty. I had my second eye done within two weeks.

Since the surgery I have been sewing, reading, walking and even spent a couple of days riding in the dunes at the coast. I now have over-the-counter sunglasses. I am not constantly looking for my indoor glasses or prescription sunglasses! I can read easily and clearly whether I am inside or out. The colors are brighter and everything around me is so clear! The best part? No more fumbling for the right glasses!!

Thank you Dr. Hoffman and staff!! I will certainly recommend you to my friends. [ top ]

A Thrill!

Diane Krause

I am still thrilled with the results of my surgery. It is a miracle to me to be able to see without glasses or contact lenses. It was my habit since I was 8 years old to reach for my glasses before even getting out of bed. To be able to open my eyes in the morning and see clearly still brings tears to my eyes at times. Dr. Packer and his staff were wonderful, very professional and caring. Dr. Packer affirmed my decision to go with lens replacements, and although a little frightened about the surgery, I do not regret it. I would encourage anyone considering the surgery to do the research, talk with others, confer with Dr. Packer and then go for it! I feel so fortunate to have the ability to see so clearly! I enjoy hiking and taking walks, and with my contacts my vision would become blurry from being outdoors, now I see perfectly. My hobby is playing pool, and the very next day after my surgery I was seeing the edges of the pool balls sharper than I ever have. I remember opening my eyes after the second lens implant and being able to read the clock on the wall in the surgery room. The next morning, exactly 24 hours after my surgery, I had my post-op exam, and my vision was 20/20 for distance and up-close. [ top ]

One of my best decisions.

Daniel Mackay

I approached the idea of having implantable Collamer lens (ICL) surgery with considerable anxiety. I have one set of eyes and if something were to go wrong, there are no eye transplants: I could lose my eyesight. The stakes were high. Compounding this fear, ever since I was a child, I hated having eye tests. I was overly sensitive to the bright lights and I could never keep my eye open for the burst of air during the glaucoma exam. How could I ever remain conscious when the doctor was operating on my eyes?

I did some investigation and it seemed pretty clear that Dr. Packer was one of the best ophthalmologists on the west coast. If I was going to put my eyesight on the line, I felt like Dr. Packer was a good doctor to perform the surgery. Now that I look back two years after the surgery, the most startling realization is that after all that build up of fear and anxiety, the surgery on both eyes went flawlessly. The nurses were great and helped to set me at ease and Dr. Packer was very professional. I guess we have the capacity to adjust to change pretty readily because after 26 years of wearing glasses I now almost take my 20/20 vision for granted, nearly forgetting all those years of struggling with glasses, contacts, and waking up to a blurry ceiling and a room that looked like it was painted by Monet. I went in for surgery one day and woke up the next and already I noticed a considerable difference.

Having the ICL surgery was truly one of best decisions I ever made. It ranks as one of the most life-changing events I’ve experienced. It must be a humbling experience for Dr. Packer to know that he has this kind of dramatic affect on the lives of his patients. I would heartily recommend ICL surgery with Dr. Packer for anybody considering it. [ top ]

I feel like a kid again!

Patrick Quigley

I have had the special “mono-vision”, also known as “blended-vision” performed by Dr. Packer last November. It has worked out splendidly for me. Mainly due to the prowess and great care of Dr. Packer and his associates!!

I am a very active 60 year old (windsurfing/skiing) so I was looking for correction for my near sightedness to enhance my sport activities, but just as important was the need to see up close for my job, which is graphic arts.

What I can tell you at this point is that I could not be happier with not only the procedure and care received, but the lasting results that have totally changed my life!! I have no night vision issues and can see better than I did with contacts. And the ability to read very small type and proof color without eyeglasses is huge. I can’t say enough about the staff, the total experience from day one and my new found freedom. I feel like a kid again and totally recommend it to anybody who wants to see both near and far. [ top ]

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I've always appreciated someone with good bedside manners, and you're "good."

Golf and skiing and tennis are my outdoor loves, and now with clear vision, I'll be able to enjoy all of them and more to the fullest, thanks to you...
Dennis Nakata
Morning Show Host/News Director KMGE, Magic 94.5 FM.

The people at Dr. Hoffman's office were fantastic. Prior to the actual procedure they informed me exactly what would take place and never tried to "convince" me that it was the right thing. They simply provided me with the information and sincerely answered all my questions.

I can honestly say it exceeded my highest expectations. Within 24 hours I had a view of the world I had been denied since I was 23 years old.
Steve Tannen
Radio Personality

It is truly miraculous to see without glasses for the first time in approximately 40 years. Wow!
Janet T. London
Lasik Patient

I was very comfortable during my surgery. My 10-year old daughter was in the oeprating room with me and was able to watch the procedure.

I would highly recommend LASIK surgery by Dr. Hoffman to my friends and family. I see the LASIK procedure as a wonderful gift someone can give themselves.
Gayle Goldstein, Ph.D

I would highly recommend this procedure (cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant) to everyone who wants to become less dependent on bifocals.
June Searing