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Deep Thanks

I had been wishing I could do something about my vision because I hated having to wear my trifocal glasses and could tell that my eyes were getting worse. My eyesight was so poor that, without my glasses, I could not tell whether or not my grandchildren were smiling at Grandma, even when I was holding them in my arms. I knew I had to do something. I had heard the radio commercial for Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims, so I called and made an appointment. I got to see Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims who told me they could help me so that I would no longer be dependent on glasses. Of course, at that time, they didn't know that I would be one of his difficult patients, but they never gave up on me. It took over a year, and multiple surgeries, but they did it. I'm so thankful for them and their staff. They were always so positive, and I appreciate all of them so much. I do recommend Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims to my family, friends and anyone who needs an eye doctor. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.
Sharlene Dirks

By Laurie Brown, C.O.M.T., C.O.E.

Marjorie Wilkinson is a patient with some very special accomplishments to share. She was one of the first female Alaskan bush pilots and hunting guides. She received her first pilot’s license in 1948 and went on to get her commercial license one year later. She was in the air 364 days a year, piloting planes outfitted with skis in the winter and floats in the summer. She would fly parties of ten in and out of the Alaskan bush for fall moose hunts followed by caribou, sheep, and bear the last hunt of the season. Marjorie was in high demand “because she could fly and cook, and if there was a woman in the party, it made her feel more comfortable.”

Margie is quite a markswoman, too. She claims her “new eyes” allow her to “hit dead center now!” Out of necessity, she learned a lot about guns in her days in the bush and brought us the target in which she recently shot four bullseyes in a row at 100 yards with her 357 Magnum. Margie also shares a great love of motorcycles with Dr. Fine and brought in this picture of her on her Harley.

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I've always appreciated someone with good bedside manners, and you're "good."

Golf and skiing and tennis are my outdoor loves, and now with clear vision, I'll be able to enjoy all of them and more to the fullest, thanks to you...
Dennis Nakata
Morning Show Host/News Director KMGE, Magic 94.5 FM.

The people at Dr. Hoffman's office were fantastic. Prior to the actual procedure they informed me exactly what would take place and never tried to "convince" me that it was the right thing. They simply provided me with the information and sincerely answered all my questions.

I can honestly say it exceeded my highest expectations. Within 24 hours I had a view of the world I had been denied since I was 23 years old.
Steve Tannen
Radio Personality

It is truly miraculous to see without glasses for the first time in approximately 40 years. Wow!
Janet T. London
Lasik Patient

I was very comfortable during my surgery. My 10-year old daughter was in the oeprating room with me and was able to watch the procedure.

I would highly recommend LASIK surgery by Dr. Hoffman to my friends and family. I see the LASIK procedure as a wonderful gift someone can give themselves.
Gayle Goldstein, Ph.D

I would highly recommend this procedure (cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant) to everyone who wants to become less dependent on bifocals.
June Searing