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Florence Henderson Testimonial

Personalized Care

After 30 years I was becoming increasingly intolerant of wearing contacts. Since I participate in many outdoor activities including biking, hiking and volunteer as a firefighter/medic along with my profession as a nurse, my increasing dependence on glasses was becoming impractical. I was referred to Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims and after a consultation and comprehensive eye/vision evaluation it was determined that I was not a good candidate for LASIK, but I was a good candidate for the crystalens implant.

After having both lenses implanted, my distance vision is now 20/15 and my near vision is improving daily. I am thrilled to be free of glasses, able to bike and hike in the rain, and respond to fire calls without needing other visual aids. Unless a person has been dependent on glasses or contacts for all their activities they may not be able to understand how liberating it is to no longer need them.

I found the staff at Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims office and the surgical center professional yet caring. They personalized my experience and answered all my questions along with my phone calls in a friendly and competent manner. The operations were efficient and not at all unpleasant. Any anxiety I had was dealt with competently and I was quickly put at ease by the nurses and nurse anesthetist. The post op appointments were also thorough. It was reassuring to know that my new lenses were being monitored so closely.
Rachel Owen

Crystalens Success

My vision has been terrible since I was a small child.  I wore hard contacts from the age of 11 until I turned 50 when l learned that that I was no longer a candidate for contacts due to my severe astigmatism.  Unfortunately laser surgery was not an option for the same reason.  I travel a great deal on business and reading street signs or airport arrival and departure boards was becoming difficult even with my glasses.  My sight was so bad that I couldn’t even recognize my business partner’s front door and spent several minutes ringing the wrong doorbell!

In July of 2004, I read an article in the Wall Street Journal on the Crystalens just after it received FDA approval and I immediately emailed Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims office.  Tony Reynolds responded the same day and over the course of six months, we changed the way I see the world.  I can't tell you what a difference the surgery has made to my business and my personal life.  The minute the first surgery was completed, I found I could read the clock on the far wall!

The care I received at Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims office was first rate.  The staff is professional, but good natured and they go out of their way to help you.  I can't thank Joan and the technicians enough for getting me in over the holidays when my travel schedule was light -- they are the best.

My husband was a golf professional and always wanted me to be able to see where my ball landed.  He died in October 2004 and so he will never know that this year, that's exactly what I'll be able to do.  Thanks Drs Fine, Hoffman & Sims ... you changed my life!
Jean Folwell

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I've always appreciated someone with good bedside manners, and you're "good."

Golf and skiing and tennis are my outdoor loves, and now with clear vision, I'll be able to enjoy all of them and more to the fullest, thanks to you...
Dennis Nakata
Morning Show Host/News Director KMGE, Magic 94.5 FM.

The people at Dr. Hoffman's office were fantastic. Prior to the actual procedure they informed me exactly what would take place and never tried to "convince" me that it was the right thing. They simply provided me with the information and sincerely answered all my questions.

I can honestly say it exceeded my highest expectations. Within 24 hours I had a view of the world I had been denied since I was 23 years old.
Steve Tannen
Radio Personality

It is truly miraculous to see without glasses for the first time in approximately 40 years. Wow!
Janet T. London
Lasik Patient

I was very comfortable during my surgery. My 10-year old daughter was in the oeprating room with me and was able to watch the procedure.

I would highly recommend LASIK surgery by Dr. Hoffman to my friends and family. I see the LASIK procedure as a wonderful gift someone can give themselves.
Gayle Goldstein, Ph.D

I would highly recommend this procedure (cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant) to everyone who wants to become less dependent on bifocals.
June Searing