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Peter Salerno
Peter Saslerno, Patient

It became obvious to me I needed refractive lens exchange surgery or else I needed to grow longer arms. I work as a contractor overseas and I have a job that cannot be done if I have to continuously put on and take off glasses. Dr. Sims performed my surgery and I am extremely pleased with the results. The surgery put everything into focus, plus it was very uneventful and short. The staff at Dr. Sims’ office and at the surgery center were very professional and great. —Peter Salerno [ top ]

Jodie Muller
Jodie Muller, Patient

For the first time in my life, I can see through my left eye. I can also see distance and drive without glasses. Dr. Sims is incredible. She performed cataract surgery in both my eyes. Dr. Sims told me that there had to be something she could do to help. How do you thank someone who has given you your sight? During the surgery, I was a bit nervous, and a gentleman held my hand. Even though it was surgery, I would do it again. I feel special when I visit Dr. Sims in her clinic. Patients and caring for them are a priority. Dr. Sims takes great care of me and my husband. I can’t imagine going anywhere else for my eye care. —Jodie Muller. [ top ]

Ruth Miller
Ruth Miller, Patient

I have never seen well all my life. Then, when I needed cataract surgery, I put it off as long as I could. Dr. Hoffman took my cataracts out and fixed my vision. I have never seen so well! When I took that first bandage off a day or so after surgery, the colors popped! The colors are so bright now. I see shades of color, shadows and detail as I could not see before the surgery. I find cobwebs in my house and dirt I never knew existed. It helps me keep a cleaner and healthier house! I enjoy reading so much more, and now I can tackle the pile of mending. This is really so much more than I expected. — Ruth Miller [ top ]

Patricia Reed
Patricia Reed, Patient

“Dr. Sims is a Peach!”
Dr. Sims performed cataract surgery in both my eyes. She did the left eye first, then a week later she operated on my right eye. I was scared to death because I had never talked to anyone about the entire process. But once it started, it was so pleasant! The staff in the surgery center is so nice and happy. They explained everything that was going on and were very helpful. They created a loving atmosphere for each surgery and it was all good, including the snacks afterwards! Both surgeries were short and smooth. Now, I see better than I have in years. I am amazed at how bright everything is! I would highly recommend Dr. Sims if you are contemplating cataract surgery. Dr. Sims is a peach! She is a one-of-akind person, and her staff is so pleasant and fantastic.—Patricia Reed

Comfort, Careful and Kind

Peggy Hodge
Peggy Hodges, Patient

Everyone is a little bit frightened going into any kind of surgery. So was I. But, I must tell you, I had fun in the operating room during both my cataract surgeries. Dr. Sims and her staff were calm and peaceful, and that put me at ease. I was so comfortable the nurses and I started singing! The staff also handled me very gently. I have arthritis in my shoulder, and they were very careful. Plus, I got to choose what I wanted for a snack afterwards. Dr. Sims removed cataracts from both my eyes this summer, and now I cannot believe I can see as well as I do. I would recommend Dr. Sims to anyone who is having trouble with their eyesight. I had a wonderful experience and now I can see! —Peggy Hodges.

My Vision is Wonderful

Alvin Lindley
Alvin Lindley, Patient

Dr. Hoffman performed my cataract surgery about three years ago, and I continue to have success with my eyesight. My vision is as close to 20/20 as you can get and it is wonderful. The surgery went well; no complications or problems. I felt no discomfort and nothing bothered me; it was very easy. Now I stand out among my friends as the one who doesn’t need glasses and I am 85 years old!
Alvin Lindley, patient [ top ]

Ease and Confidence
Dennis Eastburn, patient

A Great Comfort: I Feel Blessed!
Dr. Sims performed my cataract surgery in January. The employees at the office and the surgery center were so nice. They would touch my arm or shoulder to comfort me. I feel so blessed to have my eyes cared for here. The whole office staff, from the front desk to the surgeons, exhibit love and care for each patient. I just want everyone to know how important Dennis Eastburn, patient each one is. Thank you!!
[ top ]

Great Experience!
Bruce Totten, patient

“Great Experience”
What a great experience. Dr. Sims is a very good ophthalmologist and I’m very glad she is my doctor. She did a fine job with my surgery. My vision before cataract surgery was blurry making it hard to see sports programs on TV. Now my vision is better than 20/20. My quality of life has greatly improved. If I break my glasses I don’t have to worry because I see pretty well without them.

Dr. Sims’ staff was nice and pleasant. Nobody wants to have surgery. If you need it, Dr. Sims is who you need to see! [ top ]

Gordon Ruddick, patient

“My Vision is the Best it Has Ever Been”
Recently, I developed cataracts and knew they were affecting my vision. I had my surgery in March. I can now see 20/20 from a distance of three feet without glasses! I use readers for computer and actual close-up reading. I am driving without glasses for the first time ever. The process was quick. I was actually able to drive the next day. Dr. Sims really knew what she was doing and provided great counsel. The first two weeks were a time of transition, but now everything has smoothed out. What are the best things about the end result? First, I am much less dependent on glasses. Second, my vision is the best it has ever been, and third, I can now wear really cool “aviator” sunglasses. [ top ]

Cleo Schroeder, Patient
Frank Blain, patient

“It was like going from an old to a young man”
I chose to have Dr. Packer do my cataract surgery. It’s been a real miracle. I can see brighter and clearer now that the cataracts have been removed. It’s wonderful not having to wear glasses to drive, watch TV or read a book. It was like going from an old to a young man. My vision before the cataract surgery made things that were white look beige and now they are white again. Colors are also brighter. Dr. Packer’s staff was professional, caring and efficient. They valued the time I spent at their office allowing for very little wait time. In a word, terrific. [ top ]

Gloria Linscott, Patient
Gloria Linscott, Patient

Surgery was A Miracle
When it came time for my cataract surgery, I chose Dr. Hoffman. He is kind, comforting and professional. He answered all my questions, was willing to discuss my care, and gave me all options for my vision needs. During my surgery I felt almost no discomfort. My surgery was a miracle. My vision is so much better. I’m able to see details much clearer and I’m able to drive at night without problems. The staff of Drs. Fine, Hoffman and Packer made me feel comfortable every step of the way. Thank you Dr. Hoffman!

Cataract Surgery, Not as Scary as it Seems

Cleo Schroeder, Patient
Cleo Schroeder, Patient

Even when you are prepared ahead and expecting cataract surgery, it is scary. My experience, however, was amazingly positive. Everyone was relaxed and they helped me to feel comfortable and confident. Dr Packer said it only took a few minutes and truly it was over before I could imagine it. In my case, since we were from out of town, I had my first eye surgery on a Wednesday. My second eye was completed the next day and Dr. Packer examined me on Friday. Now, a year later, my vision is better than 20/20. My night vision is better than it’s been for 20 years and I have no problems reading at any distance. It is so wonderful to be without glasses! It really is handled greatly by the folks at the clinic and it is not scary in the hands of the doctors there who are super expert at getting it right. [ top ]

Over the Moon
TestimonialDear Dr. Packer and “grand crew”: Truly, I’m over the moon with the results of my cataract surgery. 20/20 from near to eternity! No glasses for the first time in 62 of 74 years. As an artist, I’ve always been in love with color, but now it’s extraordinary, truly spectacular! I’d heard cataract surgery is a breeze; I found it a life changing event. My husband was so impressed with my results and the marvelous care I’ve received from Dr. Packer and staff, he had his cataract event in December. Frederica Stowell  [ top ]

I first noticed my vision was worse when I went for my vision test to renew my driver’s license. I then went to see my optometrist to get an update on my glasses prescription and was told the reason for my poor vision was macular degeneration. It was explained to me that macular degeneration causes permanent decreased vision. I was devastated by the news so I decided to get a second opinion. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I didn’t have macular degeneration but instead a cataract forming in each eye.

At the time of my visit Dr. Packer explained what I could expect following cataract surgery and that he was involved in a clinical trial that may not only correct my distance vision but possibly the near and everything in between. I went from the possibility of not being able to improve my vision to the possibility of seeing really well at all distances. I couldn’t wait!

The surgery process was easier than I thought. I was able to see really well immediately following surgery just like it use to be years ago. I can even read really well without the aid of glasses. I definitely recommend the procedure to everyone who has cataracts and would like to go without glasses all the time.

Dr. Packer and staff were wonderful to me. I felt so comfortable, like visiting friends. I owe my eyesight to Dr. Packer and his staff. I can now see to do photography, painting, drawing, golfing, and shoot pool without glasses. Michael Walker [ top ]

Why was I even nervous?
I was a little surprised, when a few months ago I came for my yearly eye check with Dr. Fine, and was told, that I needed cataract surgery. I had only noticed problems with reading subtitles when watching TV. I had so many questions, and went online to be more informed before I saw Dr. Packer, who would do the surgery on my left eye. Dr. Packer very patiently listened to all my questions, taking time to reassure me, as I was a little nervous about the whole procedure. He informed me “The procedure itself only takes about 15 minutes, and you will be given some medication, so you will be comfortable.” The answers satisfied me, so I decided to go ahead and have the surgery.

Besides Dr. Packer all the staff was extremely helpful, especially Tony Reynolds, who answered even more of my concerns. The day of the surgery arrived, and everything went extremely well.

The operation room staff was efficient, kind and caring. So, why was I even nervous about this? Two weeks later I had the cataract removed and an astigmatism correction done on my right eye. Of course it also was a total success. So much so, that to my surprise, soon I was able to read small letters without my glasses. I had also discovered how sharp, clear and bright everything looked with vivid colors. Wow. What a world. At my post up check, I was astonished to hear, from Dr. Packer, that I didn’t need glasses anymore. I couldn’t believe it. Really? What a joy. Now, I have some store bought glasses, that I use, if I come across some fine print, but otherwise all is well.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Packer and all the staff, for their excellent care, and expertise. When I told Dr. Packer that God has blessed him with a wonderful gift, he agreed, but also smiled and said, ”Well, I had a little something to do with it”, and he certainly did. I feel fortunate to be a recipient of his expertise that he gives to all his patients in this community. Thank you, Helga Nagygyor  [ top ]

Eagle Eyes
Cataract Surgery TestimonialI am so pleased with my results from the cataract surgery performed by Dr. Packer. I can’t remember ever seeing fine detail this well, I mean, I feel like a teenaged eagle! Unfortunately, Dr. Packer couldn’t produce any improvement on the buzzard-like body that received the new lenses. With the palette of bright new colors I’m enjoying, I think I’m in Disneyland. The fact that Dr. Packer had to overcome two pronounced astigmatisms (due to the two uneven corneal surfaces resulting from RK surgery 20 years ago) makes this positive outcome all the more astonishing. Thank you, Bernie Christensen [ top ]

No more glasses for me!

Judith BakerI don’t need to wear glasses anymore after cataract surgery. Before surgery the first thing I would do in the mornings is reach for my glasses which I have now learned is a habit that’s hard to forget. I still find myself reaching for glasses I no longer need. You see, I use to wear heavy coke bottle type lenses -since I was two years old. They were very uncomfortable to say the least and distorted my vision anytime I looked anywhere but the center of the lenses. Now with the Tecnis multifocal lens (implant) my vision is great at all distances. I’m able to read sheet music easily without glasses, my golf game has improved and colors are much easier to discern. This is especially helpful in my new hobby, painting. I’ve noticed that my depth perception is so much better now and my husband has noticed that I’m not as clumsy as I used to be. Life is so much more enjoyable when you have great vision! Judith Baker [ top ]

Dear Dr. Hoffman and Staff,
I want to THANK YOU, and your staff for all that you did for me during my recent cataract surgery. Everyone was so sweet, cheerful, and caring that it took away all my (imagined) fears. They patiently explained what they were doing and really helped calm me. Everything went so smoothly, thanks to them and you. The whole procedure was over before I knew it! Since blindness is a genetic defect in our family—my sister, grandmother and aunt have this problem. I was VERY RELIEVED to find that I have clear vision now in the left eye. I won’t be so scared when you do the right one. Your knowledge and skill are unmatched. The gift of sight is truly very precious. I just want you to know how much I do appreciate all that you did for me. Thank you, Joy Knutson
[ top ]

Last year, while skiing with my son and grandson, I skied into a dark shadow. It was not a shadow but a rock wall. I was not seriously hurt, but my confidence in my vision was seriously shaken. It was then I decided to be aggressive about doing all I could to have better eye sight. Dr. Fine and his staff took me under their care and recommended my cataracts be replaced with lens implants. They explained the options of the different lenses available and the surgical procedure. I said simply, “I want the best far vision you can give me.” I truly believe I see better now than as a teenager. I will not be skiing into anymore rock walls. I can see the Ducks score touchdowns, and even tell what number the receiver is wearing. I can see the golf ball stop rolling. The surgical procedure itself is a piece of cake. In fact, you get cake and juice after surgery. The discomfort is less than having your teeth cleaned and the results are instantaneous. We are fortunate to have Dr. Fine and his staff her in Eugene providing his magic. With great appreciation, Larry Hughes, DMD

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I've always appreciated someone with good bedside manners, and you're "good."

Golf and skiing and tennis are my outdoor loves, and now with clear vision, I'll be able to enjoy all of them and more to the fullest, thanks to you...
Dennis Nakata
Morning Show Host/News Director KMGE, Magic 94.5 FM.

The people at Dr. Hoffman's office were fantastic. Prior to the actual procedure they informed me exactly what would take place and never tried to "convince" me that it was the right thing. They simply provided me with the information and sincerely answered all my questions.

I can honestly say it exceeded my highest expectations. Within 24 hours I had a view of the world I had been denied since I was 23 years old.
Steve Tannen
Radio Personality

It is truly miraculous to see without glasses for the first time in approximately 40 years. Wow!
Janet T. London
Lasik Patient

I was very comfortable during my surgery. My 10-year old daughter was in the oeprating room with me and was able to watch the procedure.

I would highly recommend LASIK surgery by Dr. Hoffman to my friends and family. I see the LASIK procedure as a wonderful gift someone can give themselves.
Gayle Goldstein, Ph.D

I would highly recommend this procedure (cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant) to everyone who wants to become less dependent on bifocals.
June Searing