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Julie Agee
Luke Dedic, Patient

Smooth Surgery and Phenomenal Results!
Dr. Hoffman performed my LASIK surgery in May. Back then I was not seeing very well. I was 20/200 in both eyes, which means that I was seeing 20 feet away from me, what others with better vision could see at 200 feet. Now, I am seeing 20/20 … perfect vision. It is a phenomenal outcome. And the surgery was so smooth. Everyone took care of me and made me feel comfortable and delivered on what they said they would do. I would recommend Dr. Hoffman and his staff. In fact, I already have! —Luke Dedic

Taking the lasik plunge
Nine years ago, after having developed an allergy to contact lenses, I was resigned to a life of glasses, which for me, was neither particularly aesthetically-pleasing nor practical given my active lifestyle. But I was also sufficiently anxious about the prospect of vision correction through surgery that I didn’t expect I would ever take the Lasik plunge. In 2004, Dr. Packer and his wonderful team convinced me otherwise. They were extremely patient with all of my questions and concerns. My procedure was quick and painless. I walked into the procedure so near-sighted that I couldn’t see who was right in front of me, and walked out with perfect vision, which remains six years later. I am now both more comfortable in my glasses-free skin and able to play Ultimate Frisbee without expensive glasses flying off of my face. I would highly recommend Dr. Packer to anybody considering Lasik.
Jennifer Thomas, M.S., CCC-SLP Speech-Language Pathologist
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Enjoying Life More
LASIK Testimonial
I’ve had poor vision my entire life. I’ve worn contact lenses since junior high and I’ve always wanted to be rid of my contacts and glasses. I wanted to wait until the technology was advanced enough to reduce the risks and yet fully correct my vision. I ended up having my LASIK procedure in 2003 and my vision has never been better. I am so happy with my vision and would recommend it to others.

Having your vision corrected doesn’t just affect your vision. One of the indirect changes I’ve noticed since the procedure is the social aspect. To others I seem more open and friendly because I no longer squint or frown at them to try to see their expressions which in the past made me seem a little stand-offish.

One of my biggest concerns involved deciding whether or not to have the procedure was the cost. To me it seemed like a lot of money but I can tell you now it was money well spent. I now enjoy freedom from glasses and contacts which is also allowing me to enjoy life more. By Shannon Schmitt [ top ]

More Best Things...

Kevin HeideHaving LASIK surgery done by Dr. Hoffman was one of the best things I could do for myself. Being at the age where reading and seeing objects up close had become increasingly difficult and not having the greatest distance vision, I looked into LASIK. I wanted to go somewhere local knowing that if I had any issues I could be seen right away without the worry of traveling to another city or state and I wanted to go somewhere that had an impressive reputation for advanced technology and patient care.

My goal for having LASIK surgery was to be able to see to drive and work up close without the aid of glasses. I was given an option of monovision where one eye is corrected for distance and the other eye for near. I wasn’t initially impressed with that option, but after discussing it further with Dr. Hoffman I was able to embrace idea of monovision. Now after having the surgery it strikes me that I was so concerned about the whole idea of monovision before surgery. Because this concept was new to me I didn’t fully understand the benefits of monovision.

Now that it’s done I can say it was a wonderful idea. Not only am I able to see to drive but I can now work up close on cars and equipment in tight places without the aid of reading glasses. When I play golf I can see the ball on the ground as I hit it, I can follow the ball down the fairway, and I can read and write on the score card without glasses.

One of the other reasons for not having surgery earlier was the fear of pain. I was pleasantly surprised to find out how little discomfort I felt following surgery and how quickly I was able to resume my normal activities. I was told to rest for a few days following surgery but I honestly I felt that I was ready to hit the golf course the next morning.

I would encourage anyone who is interested in LASIK surgery that has difficulty seeing to drive and read without glasses to discuss monovision with Dr. Hoffman. Kevin Heide [ top ]


Bill Johnson

Blurry no more! I would like thank Dr. Hoffman and his entire staff for their care and patience during my elective LASIK surgery. I had a great deal of anxiety during the pre-operative visits, even though I was very confident that I wanted to go through with the surgery. Dr. Hoffman suggested a mild sedative for the operation day. The sedative worked like a charm and I had no anxiety during the operation, but I still felt very aware and in control, just ….relaxed. The operation’s success was better than I had hoped for. My recovery was very quick. Within twenty four hours I had 20/20 vision with no blurriness or any side effects. It has been four months since my operation and I could not be happier with the results. P.S. Last weekend I went to the coast on a misty day. It was the first time in twenty plus years that my glasses did not have ocean beach spray blurring my vision. Thank you Dr. Hoffman. Sincerely, Bill Johnson

It was fourteen years ago that I got my first pair of contacts. After having worn glasses for ten years, since second grade, I just couldn’t fathom a life without looking through glasses, let alone my own reflection in the mirror without glasses. The few weeks leading up to my LASIK surgery, I was constantly reminded of that feeling. Being set free from glasses was something I couldn’t fathom until it had happened, and then, it was amazing. Even with the difficulties of contacts I still thanked God everyday for them. So as my LASIK surgery approached I couldn’t help but have that same feeling, wondering what it would feel like to not be dependent on my contacts. In many ways, two weeks after surgery, I still have a hard time with the concept that I can actually see out of my own eyes. What a crazy concept to me! But one I am fully embracing and thankful for. I know there is still a healing process going on, and what I call: my brain readjusting its “software” for the new information it is getting from my eyes. I have faith and patience in this process and I couldn’t be happier with each and every person a part of Dr. Packer’s team. They were all a true joy!
Sincerely, Andria Higgins

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I've always appreciated someone with good bedside manners, and you're "good."

Golf and skiing and tennis are my outdoor loves, and now with clear vision, I'll be able to enjoy all of them and more to the fullest, thanks to you...
Dennis Nakata
Morning Show Host/News Director KMGE, Magic 94.5 FM.

The people at Dr. Hoffman's office were fantastic. Prior to the actual procedure they informed me exactly what would take place and never tried to "convince" me that it was the right thing. They simply provided me with the information and sincerely answered all my questions.

I can honestly say it exceeded my highest expectations. Within 24 hours I had a view of the world I had been denied since I was 23 years old.
Steve Tannen
Radio Personality

It is truly miraculous to see without glasses for the first time in approximately 40 years. Wow!
Janet T. London
Lasik Patient

I was very comfortable during my surgery. My 10-year old daughter was in the oeprating room with me and was able to watch the procedure.

I would highly recommend LASIK surgery by Dr. Hoffman to my friends and family. I see the LASIK procedure as a wonderful gift someone can give themselves.
Gayle Goldstein, Ph.D

I would highly recommend this procedure (cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implant) to everyone who wants to become less dependent on bifocals.
June Searing