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Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims Opthalmologists in Eugene Oregon
Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Packer Opthalmologists in Eugene Oregon

Patient Testimonials | Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims

Read what people are saying about our service and procedures. Click a link below to read testimonials for a specific procedure.

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Here are just a few. . .

Julie Agee
Luke Dedic, Patient

Smooth Surgery and Phenomenal Results!
Dr. Hoffman performed my LASIK surgery in May. Back then I was not seeing very well. I was 20/200 in both eyes, which means that I was seeing 20 feet away from me, what others with better vision could see at 200 feet. Now, I am seeing 20/20 … perfect vision. It is a phenomenal outcome. And the surgery was so smooth. Everyone took care of me and made me feel comfortable and delivered on what they said they would do. I would recommend Dr. Hoffman and his staff. In fact, I already have! —Luke Dedic [ top ]

My Vision is Wonderful

Alvin Lindley
Alvin Lindley, Patient

Dr. Hoffman performed my cataract surgery about three years ago, and I continue to have success with my eyesight. My vision is as close to 20/20 as you can get and it is wonderful. The surgery went well; no complications or problems. I felt no discomfort and nothing bothered me; it was very easy. Now I stand out among my friends as the one who doesn’t need glasses and I am 85 years old!
Alvin Lindley, patient [ top ]

Ease and Confidence
Dennis Eastburn, patient

A Great Comfort: I Feel Blessed!
Dr. Sims performed my cataract surgery in January. The employees at the office and the surgery center were so nice. They would touch my arm or shoulder to comfort me. I feel so blessed to have my eyes cared for here. The whole office staff, from the front desk to the surgeons, exhibit love and care for each patient. I just want everyone to know how important Dennis Eastburn, patient each one is. Thank you!!
[ top ]

Julie Agee
Julie Agee, Patient

Glasses Tolerated for 50 Years; not anymore!
I have never liked to wear glasses, but I have worn them for 50 years. When my eye doctors told me about Dr. Hoffman and his exceptional surgical skills, I scheduled an appointment and travelled from Bandon to Eugene for an eye exam. Dr. Hoffman explained to me the different surgical options, and I decided to have a refractive lens exchange in both my eyes. The surgery is the same one he performs for the removal of cataracts. Dr. Hoffman removed my natural lenses and replaced them. It was a quick surgery and I experienced no pain. I drove to Eugene, had the surgery, stayed overnight and saw Dr. Hoffman the next day. Then I could see very well to drive back home to Bandon. While I was in Eugene, I was treated well by everyone at Dr. Hoffman’s clinic and surgery center. The people there, care. I would do it again in a minute. My vision without glasses is wonderful!
Julie Agee, patient [ top ]


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