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Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims Opthalmologists in Eugene Oregon

Glasses and Contact Lenses

Whether you need glasses or contact lenses we have what you're seeking. Highly trained opticians with over 50 years of optical experience and technicians with over 60 years of technical/contact lens experience can address your individual needs. When it comes to glasses or contacts there's no other place like:

The Focal Point
An Optical Shop
Drs. Fine, Hoffman & Sims

  • 80 years of optical experience
  • Free eyeglass adjustments
  • Knowledge and expertise to best serve you for your individual needs
  • We will gladly bill all eye care insurance
  • 60 day No Risk frame and lens trial

  • Frames

  • Highest possible quality
  • Reasonable prices - Value packages
  • Exclusive eyewear only available in this area
  • Sport and safety frames, ski goggles, etc.
  • Frame and lens warranty
  • More comfortable due to balance of design and materials
  • Attractive styling increases self-confidence and esteem

  • Ophthalmic
  • Priced from economical to exclusive
  • Have precision ground or cast lenses
  • Improve visual acuity, less distortion
  • More comfortable
  • Polarized lenses offer optimal protection

  • Specialized
  • Computer progressive lenses
  • Occupational lenses
  • Industrial safety
  • Unbreakable polycarbonate
  • Special lenses to make thick lenses thinner

  • Anti-Reflective Lenses
  • Two year scratch warranty
  • See more clearly…and be seen
  • Eliminates annoying glare…less fatigue
  • Safer driving at night…no star effect
  • Includes ultra violet protection

  • Ultra-Violet
  • Protects your eyes from harmful rays
  • Works like sun blocker lotion on skin
  • Necessary especially in sunwear for corneal protection
  • Reduces eye strain on video display terminals

  • Scratch
  • More comfortable to wear because they are about half the weight of glass
  • Protection coating prevents tiny abrasions on lens surface
  • CR-39 is tintable and can be coated
  • Impact resistant, won't shatter

  • Progressive
  • State-of-the-art design more similar to the natural lens of your eye
  • Eliminates annoying jump lines
  • Cosmetically improves appearance
  • Provides all ranges of vision - distance, intermediate and near

  • Custom
  • Improves skin tone around the eye
  • Is customized for each person's coloring
  • Photo chromatic lenses that adjust to changes in lighting
  • Therapeutic specialty tints
  • Video display terminal tints
  • Sports, High Tech tints
  • Best of all…

    We give you service that you'll recommend to friends.

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    Commonly Asked Questions:
    How often should I have an eye exam?
    Children - Six months of age, three years old, before starting school, and every two years after. If your child wears glasses or contacts,
    Adults - Every one to two years up to age 40. Adults with diabetes, high blood pressure, and other disorders should be seen annually. Adults over 60 should be seen annually.